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Happy to have a bumble bee nest!


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We’ve recently moved into our house and, while tidying up the garden, have discovered a bumble bee nest in the ground.  We’d noticed that there seemed to be an awful lot of bees around the garden, which I’m happy about, but we’re even happier to know that there’s a nest there.  Thankfully, we noticed before we did any damage, so the nest is undisturbed.  If we get too close when weeding, a couple of bees will come out and buzz around us to warn us off, so we leave them in peace.  They’re not aggressive though.  There’s a lot of clover on our lawns, which we now leave longer between mowing to let the bees have use of it,  and there are lots of flowers and flowering shrubs to keep them happy.  There are a couple of bushes in flower that are swarming with them.  They pollinate our fruit trees in the garden so it’s the least we can do to repay them.  Sorry this has been so long, but I’m quite excited to see so many bees.