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Fungus, aphids and black fly


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I have a wonderful bee garden packed out with flowers and bees, lots of both.  I avoid any spraying of any sort.  This year my garden is being savaged by fungus, aphids and blackfly.  Roses are most in trouble.  How do I control these pests in a bee friendly garden?


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I had a similar problem last year with green flies. My garden was completely infested! Like you I didn’t want to use any chemicals, as the whole point of my garden was to attract and support bees, butterflies and pollinators!

What I did was I bought 20 native ladybirds online from a garden shop and they worked an absolute treat! Some of them flew away but some stayed and laid eggs.They ate every pest in sight! This year I am planning to include Yarrow in my garden as it apparently is very attractive to ladybirds so I hope they return!

Hope it’s some help grin