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Nest hunting


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Yesterday I was watching a Tree Bumblebee (queen I assume from the size), it appeared to be examining potential nest sites (2 to 3 mtr from the ground)

My understanding was that queens dispersed late in the year, hibernated and then looked for nest sites in the spring. Is this wrong or does it vary species to species?



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Hi aDub,

With B. hypnorum a small number of “second cycle” colonies are formed.
We don’t know much about them, so all info will be very useful.
I’ve seen this species flying as late a s October.

Interestingly, I’ve seen B. hyp queens in the spring nest searching along vertical surfaces in the past. Both along house walls and fences: and this is pretty unusual for bumblebees in general.
(Althougy a few colonies of B. terrestris, pascuorum and lapidarius do occur naturally in Bird Boxes.)

Yours       Clive