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Bombus hypnorum


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Could somebody please confirm for me whether this is what I think it is? I’ve identified it as Bombus hypnorum. I spotted it whilst doing my transect for the beewalk but the book I have says this species should not be as far North as I live (Kendal, Cumbria), but that the species is spreading Northward. Any help would be very much appreciated as I don’t want to submit an incorrect identification.


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Hi VickyBeeT,

Firstly, welcome to the Forum !

Secondly, yes you are correct, it is a Tree Bumblebee - Bombus hypnorum.
This one has the classic colour pattern.  They are often darker in thorax colour, down here in Bucks where I live.

It has already been seen in Scotland, so Cumbria should have been settled last year or before !

To see details of the first finding in Scotland, take a look at the BBCT “News” pages.

Yours         Clive