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Hampton Court Flower Show


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Good morning all,  smile

Yesterday was spent up at the ‘Hampton Court Flower Show’ helping Gill out on the BBCT stand, along with Allen & Stuart ( Pleasure to meet you both ) ...... What a fantastic day, very busy right from the start with hardly a moment to draw breath.
It was nice to meet a lot of like minded people and also to meet the other BBCT members that came and said ‘Hello’

There was a lot of interest in what we are doing as a charity….... but sadly there was also a lot of people that hadn’t heard of us !!!
Believe me, they had by the time we had finished talking to them and giving them various leaflets. We even managed to get some to sign up for membership then and there!

The Tree bee (B Hypnorum) was a big topic, with lots of people asking what bee it was living in bird boxes, under eves or holes near guttering etc: When ask if they could ID it from the wall charts, most of them pointed to the Tree bee.

I was shown an interesting photo of a crab spider that was eating a bee on a flower head (not a web) and she ask me what type of Bumblebee it was, I replied….. ‘It’s a dead one now, but it’s not a Bumble bee, it’s a Honey bee.’
Her answer was ‘Well thats alright then !’

I’ve attached a couple of photos of the ‘Bumblearium’ (probably spelt wrong) that drew a lot of interest and was a good starting point for many a conversation !!!

It was a very long day…... but well worth it and hopefully one I can repeat next year.



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