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Hey guys - Had a quick look around the various sites and I believe I have a very noisy bunch of tree bumblebees residing somewhere between my roof tiles and my attic.  There are some cracks in the mortar (it’s an old house) which is where they appear to be gathering and hanging out smile  Typically there are about 5-10 bees coming in and out of there every 20 seconds or so. 

From reading the excellent information on this site I not particularly concerned about my new residents, however they are bloody noisy at night!  To the point where (as the bedroom sits on that edge of the house) I’ve resorted to earplugs. 

My only queries/concerns are: a) They may try to find a way into the actual house itself, presenting a “covered in bees!” situation, and b) how long will it be before I can get a peaceful nights sleep?!

I’ve attached a pic of one little guy who seems to have somehow found his way into the chimney.  Reddish patch on the top side, approx 22mm in length.  From the underside pic you can see the white “tail” (apologies for the poor quality!).

Many thanks all. 



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