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Neighbour sprayed fly spray on nest entrance


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Hi, I’m looking for some advice please. We have a nest somewhere in/between our flat roof kitchen extension and our neighbours flat roof extension. After identifying the bees as bumble bees we were very happy to let them carry on with their daily routine, only seeing 3 or 4 bees at a time entering or leaving the gap between the buildings. The neighbours didn’t agree and have sprayed some sort of fly and insect killer into the gap between the 2 extensions! This has resulted in a few dozen dead/dying bees over the past 2 days. The strange thing is they seem to be finding their way into our kitchen despite doors and windows being shut - I’m guessing they’re not using the cat-flap! The past 2 mornings we have found 2 or 3 dead or almost dead bees on the kitchen floor. The sound of buzzing in our kitchen is also very loud - louder than outside. I now think they must be in our wall or roof. The neighbour has now agreed to stop spraying since I have explained they are in our house. I have 2 questions:

1. Is this dangerous? I have a toddler and an open plan house. I don’t want lots of angry bees finding their way in. Is it better to keep spraying now it has been started? (Although I hate the idea)

2. Will they recover and start using the old entrance now the spraying has stopped?

3. Will they recover and start using this new exit and get trapped in the house?

Please help! Thanks.


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Hello beeba,

Firstly, welcome to the Forum.
Secondly, I’m sorry the it has taken so long for anyone to reply to you.

Thirdly, depending on what was sprayed into the nest entrance, the colony might keep going, or might die out. As far as I am aware, fly sprays kill by contact, but are unlikely to kill the bees the spry missed.  A new entrance would help the bees manage to partly recover.

Your toddler might be at risk if they pick up a dying bee - but not from dead ones.

I think I could give you some advice, but this would be best via direct email, then a phone call.
You will find an email link to me in the article we have posted on the BBCT website under Tree Bumblebee - and this bumblebee is probably the species you have.


Yours       Clive