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Hello Everyone


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Hello everyone.  My son discovered a nest of bumblebees in our compost heap the other day when he was moving it from one area of the garden to another.

Due to illness and bereavement the gardens got neglected over the past couple of years so this year I decided to knock them into shape, the front garden all flowers (bee friendly) and the back garden mainly into veg on the bottom 2/3rds and the top 1/3rd with more bee friendly plants.

After reading about the nests, we’ve decided to leave the remaining part of the compost heap and the nest where it is - we can work round it for this year.

I consider us to be very lucky to have two nests of bumblebees.  I have lived here for the past 13 years and every year we have a colony of bumblebees nest in the eaves of the roof.  When the weather is warm enough I often sit in the kitchen with the back door open.  Uncannily, every year one or two bumblebees fly in, circle round for a bit as if to say “Hello, we’re back” and fly out again.

I have two large honeysuckles out back and the bees can be seen buzzing round doing their thing every day.

Love having them here.

I’m also hoping to learn how to keep honeybees and hopefully in the not too distant future be able to keep a couple of hives