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Do bumble bees make nests in house walls?


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Hello. Sorry, I am totally ignorant when it comes to bees and I’m looking for some advice. Through your comparison page on the web, I think that I have bumble bees which have made a home in the outside wall of my house,  a small hole where my bedroom window sill finishes and the wall begins. I obviously don’t want to get in any form of pest control, but I’m worried about any property damage this may cause. I’m assuming they are bumble bees but your website doesn’t mention anything about brick house walls when talking about nests. Also, If I just leave the bees alone, will this ‘home’ just die out at the end of the season or is there something else I need to do? Can you advise?


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Hi Helen,

Firstly, welcome to the Forum - and I’m sorry it has taken so long to get back to you !

Secondly, please could you give us a description of the fur colour of the bes that are going into your wall - or even better a photo.
The photo doesn’t have to be all that sharp, because we are going to be looking at fur colour bands, body shape, furriness etc.

Yes, bumblebees do sometimes nest in house walls - usually in the cavity. And they can use cavity insulation material to keep themselves snug to keep their heat in and the nest warm.
A nest is not all that big and the colony usually only lasts for a few months.  Come the autumn, when activity has ceased you can stop up the entrance gap.
Also, sometimes some types of Solitary bees can use small gaps like yours to make a nest.  Activity is even more limited with them.

I hope this helps.        Yours         Clive