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Is this a garden bumblebee?


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Hi everyone, I found this bee, which seemed completely asleep resting on the underside of a Scabious flower head, sheltering from the rain. Can anyone identify it please? Gender? Many thanks…


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Hello! The honest answer is that I am not sure which species this is - sorry - as I can’t make out the tail colour. However, I don’t think it is a garden bumblebee, as it does not have a yellow band either side of it’s ‘waist’.
I think it is a male, though, both because of its antennae, which are long and held out to the side, and also because it is so relaxed, staying put on the flower. Also, I think that if it was raining hard, female workers would head back to the nest, whereas males aren’t allowed back into the nest, once they’ve left.
Hope this helps!