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Bee sizes


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Is it me or are the workers looking smaller this year?

The Bees I’ve seen have been very small.

I know Early Bees are small but the Red tailed, Common Carders and White/Buff tailed seem to all look the same size.


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Hi Paula,

I think this season has been very slow to get going, so we still have many of the early workers around - which will be small due to lack of food when they were developing as larvae and pupae.

I’m now seeing mid-size B. terrestris / lucorum, but yes, the B. lapidarius bees have been on the small side so far.



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Yes the majority of workers and many males of all the species i’ve seen have been early bumble size, very small. :-(


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loads in my garden are titchy, only seen a few furry golfballs so far. just glad to see any bees at all, to be honest though