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Too late for nest building?


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I forgot to ask in myother post.  Is it too late for new nests to be founded.  I realise they are usually started in March, but with our lousy cold weather I’m wondering if it had been delayed at all? 

I saw a very small bumble the other day who seemed to be scouting the wall edge, holes and door ledge in the way I’ve seen queens do in the past, although this bee was much too small a queen.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,



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Hello Jeremy,

Two things :-
I think it is too late for first generation colonies, but some species are known sometimes to have two colony cycles per year.
These are at least B. terrestris, B. hortorum, B. pratorum, B. hypnorum.  (Buff tailed, Garden, Early and Tree BBs).

Secondly, queens can vary considerably in body size.

All of which says that maybe you did see a small queen nest-searching !