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Bumblebee Nests


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Dear All just joined to find out if it is unusual to have bumblebee nests in your roof? This year we have two nests appear in the roof under the tiles and a third in an old bird box. Have the Bees moved higher because of the wet winters and summers we are having?


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Hello Dubster,

Welcome to the Forum.

Your bees are most likely to be Tree Bumblebees (Bombus hypnorum)  which often choose to nest in the roof areas of houses - either under the tiles, or in soffit boxes.
This species is a recent addition to the UK BB fauna and seems to exploit nesting places not often used by other species of bumblebees. 

You should find a fair bit of information about this bee on the Forum, if you track down the Tree Bumblebee threads in the BB Discussion area.
There was also many posts about it in the Forum in 2012, whch you should find further down the list.

Yours       Clive