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I have bees what type i have no idea, i noticed them coming and going from a small hole in my pebbledash by my soffit board. As i have 2 dogs and a young child i had my husband fill the hole with mastic, 6 little bees were stationary on the wall, i felt cruel but was worried about my child & dogs. I then read on the net that blocking the hole is the worst thing to do, so now i have unblocked it and am hoping as it is at the top of the house, there will be minimal risk even though it is right by my bedroom window. I have attached a photo if anyone can identify them, i have read they naturally die in the autumn, would it be safe to mastic the hole then so they do not return next year? i have read conflicting things that if the nest is not removed other bees will inhabit it next year! I appreciate any advice, and also will the bees currently on the pebble make their way back in? they are alive but very still.