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BBCT stand at GW Live


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I went along to the Gardeners’ World Live show at the NEC on Thursday and visited the BBCT stand in the Bee tent smile Lovely to meet like minded folk, excellent stand and information available. So nice to chat with a a fellow forum contributor! I purchased more of the bee badges for my straw-hat too…splendid.

Of course I went straight to the floral marquee and purchased several salvias for the bumbles in my garden (‘hot lips’ as recommended!). Unfortunately it has been too stormy for me to plant anything since I got home but the bees are visiting the plants anyway (they are on the greenhouse staging).


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Hi Cheery, we went on Thursday. It was good to see they were being kept busy, always a positive sign so hopefully some new members. I particularly liked the mobile bumblebee showcase/counter, brilliant idea. Also nice to say hello in person to Anthony, email isn’t quiet the same as speaking in person smile

Salvias are a good choice, the bees are all over them while in flower.



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