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Loads of bumble bees


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Just wanted to comment that this year our garden is completely buzzing with various bumble varieties. We have lived here 12 years and never seen so many. Whilst I haven’t done a formal survey the numbers are huge compared to previous years. For the first time we have two bird nest boxes with tree bumblebees nesting in them.
Farnham, Surrey


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WOW great news for you and the bumble’s. I put a nest box up but have had no takers :-(  Thanks for sharing your great news.


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We’ve got a large number of bumblebees in my area at present - a great relief after last year’s abysmal summer and the never-ending winter.
(High Wycombe in the Chilterns of Bucks.)

B pratorum workers and drones on Raspberries etc.
B lapidarius on Chives.
B. pascuorum on Vetch and Herb Robert.
B. hortorum on Aquilegia and Honeysuckle.
B. hypnorum on many flowers, but particularly Raspberry again.
A few B. terrestris / lucorum on Cotoneaster.