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Moved a nest yesterday, the story so far.


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Thought I’d share my story from yesterday.  So we were clearing a very overgrown part of the garden in preparation for builders arriving later this week, as we uncovered some old wooden decking circles, underneath we found an old mouse nest, interestingly it had a bumble bee sat on it, which made me think, so I gave it a gentle prod and this resulted in quite a lot of buzzing and about 5 bees emerged.  So at this point we left them alone and did some research, found several sites all offering different bits of advice on how to move a nest, there was no way it could stay where it was.  I also called up a local bee keeper for some advice, maybe he didn’t appreciate me calling but he suggested I get a pest control company in to kill them!  Anyway, I spent most of the afternoon catching bees, managed to get between 20 and 30 in a jar, catching them in a glass as they entered or exited the nest.  Then we waited until it was nearly dark and lifted the nest carefully on a shovel to a small paving slab we have spare, taking care to keep the nest level and not disturb the grass, this seemed to go well with a very small amount of buzzing from inside and no bees emerged.  The nest was left there for another hour or so incase any remaining workers were still out.  Once it was completely dark outside we then covered nest (now on the slab) with a large upturned flowerpot, the pot has two holes in the bottom (now the top) which I covered.  Next step was to return the bees to the nest, they were very dopey at this point as it was cold and dark, I gently upturned the jar and placed it over one of the holes, they slowed worked their way inside, a little bit of encouragement with the torch seemed to help.  We then covered the holes and left them overnight. 

Fast forward to this morning, I’ve relocated the whole slab/flowerpot combo over to the other end of the garden, uncovered the hole and within a couple minutes I could see and hear them moving around inside.  They have been there about an hour as I type this and I can see them leaving and returning to their new home.  I’ve noticed a couple of stragglers heading back over to the old nest site, any that don’t find their way back I’m just going to catch and release next to the new nest.

Hopefully we’ve given them the best chance we can.

Update 1 :
They seem quite happy in their new home, been watching them come and go all day.  No more stagglers after the two this morning.