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First male bumblebee seen, and other matters


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On 2 June I saw my first workers of B terrestris/lucorum and B pascuorum, plus my first male of the season, inevitably B pratorum (on a strawberry flower). I had only seen queens of five of the commoner species, and a few B pratorum workers, in the Edinburgh area.

On 4 June there was a queen B campestris on broom just north of Torphichen, West Lothian. It was almost all yellow-orange, either its natural colouring or due to a coating of pollen. Had this been the north coast I would have wondered whether it was B distinguendus, but this is 200 miles or more from the nearest population of that species.


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Today i have seen my first males, one early bumble and one red-tailed male. Exciting times. Remember the males cannot sting, so please handle them gently, they love it grin


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Hello both

conducted a very disappointing BeeWalk survey yesterday in Pilrig Park Edinburgh.
Only one bumblebee, my first male B pratorum (Early bumblebee) of 2013. Although at least I saw 2 other bumblebees off-transect.
It was unusually chilly yesterday morning, so I don’t know if low temps locally were to blame or if it’s a consequence of the generally late Spring.

The first male bumblebee appeared on BeeWatch in the last week of May but the last few days more are appearing.
This is much later than last year.

kind regards, elaine


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Saw the first male bumblebee of the year today as well - an early bumblebee on the geranium just outside our front door.  His yellow moustache was lovely!


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I live in High Wycombe, down in the Chilterns.

There are a good number of bumblebees foraging around here at present - a great relief after the awful summer last year; and a never-ending winter.
I’m seeing many B. pratorum drones around at present, and the numbers are increasing.
They are working Raspberries amongst other flowers.
I have also seen at least one each of the following species in the last few days:
B. terrestris.
B. hortorum.
B. lapidarius.
B. hypnorum - nest surveillance seems to have started at a colony I’ve moved to my garden - but not continuous as yet.  (See B. hypnorum 2013 thread.)

I’m looking out for B. lucorum - but don’t think I’ve seen one yet !

Yours       Clive