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How to ... ?


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I was looking around the site and saw you do leaflets about “spreading the word”

As I work in B&Q, in the garden centre, I was wondering If I could have some leaflets to put out on my section about bees?

I am very pro active about the Bee’s plight at work, have set up a section where customers can buy the right type of plant for the garden and give out as much advice as I can.

B&Q have also teamed up with FOE in trying to push on the government to sort a Bee action plan and myself am pushing B&Q to stop selling certain weed & pest controls which are harmfull to bees.

Therefore these leaflets would definately come in handy.

I also help out at our local park which has gardens and an information area, they would also come in handy there too.

I await your reply.
Many Thanks


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Hi Stevet67

If you are still looking for a reply to your query then I do suggest that you email enquiries at the BBCT:
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
The Trust has membership leaflets, posters, life cycle and garden calender leaflets and other literature that may be suitable for your purposes.
Hope this helps.