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Excellent Training Day at Oxford on Sat 25th May


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Hi All,

I was amongst a group of 14 who attended a BeeWalk Training Day at the Harcourt Arboretum, near Oxford last Saturday. 
Our Tutor was Hayley Herridge.

It was a really enjoyable day which informed and enthused us about bumblebees.
And it certainly got many of us motivated to set up our own BeeWalk surveys.
We’ve now got the task of working out ‘where ?’.

We managed to find many bumblebees foraging when we went out doing some practical bee spotting / catching.
Most of them were queens - a sign of how late this season is.
A total of eight different species were seen - most of them were working Rhodendron flowers.

Many thanks to Hayley for all her knowledge and hard work - and to Elaine for organising our day !

Clive Hill

I think that beautiful Peacock displaying just outside could do with a dose of ‘Honey & Lemon’ to sort out his sore throat !


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I would like to second Clive’s remarks regarding this Training Day.  Hayley’s talk was most helpful and I must congratulate her on her presentation.  Thank you Hayley.

I would also like to thank Clive for bringing his specimen collection for us to look at (all meticulously labeled) plus 2 old BB nests.  The larger of the 2 nests had a strange honey like smell, not at all unpleasant.  How many people can say they have smelt a BB nest!!

I am delighted there were so many live specimens to be seen during the walk in the afternoon which I had to miss due to a hospital appointment.

Sparrow - Sue


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Keith and I had a fantastic day on Saturday and were enthused to get our transects set up.  Hayley was indeed a great tutor and it was such a lovely day, everyone was so friendly and enthusiastic about the bees, and we were so lucky to be able to examine so many live bees at close quarters.  The peacocks were also spectacular.

Thank you to Clive for the specimens, the nests and the delightful video of the bee cleaning himself (we also enjoyed the footage of the cat).