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Rare Moss Carder bee or bog standard Carder Bee?


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How likely is it that we would be seeing a lot of Moss Carder bees in East Lothian? I’ve seen quite a few Carder Bees (brown all over with a ginger patch on the thorax) along my bee walk transect and in my garden, and several friends have talked about seeing “very gingery”  looking bumble bees. I haven’t managed to get a decent photo yet..just a gingery blur!


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Hello disi

apologies for the slow reply.

I’m not sure when Moss carders were last recorded in East Lothian. NBN gateway isn’t working for me right now.

Moss carder bees are specialists of upland areas so the Southern highlands or the Lammermuirs might be the best nearest habitat for them.
It is unfortunately very difficult to distinguish between Common carders and Moss carders on the Scottish mainland. This is because the Common carder in Scotland has a more orange thorax and more blonde abdomen than in other parts of the UK and look very similar to the much rarer Moss carder bee.

cheers, elaine


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Hi there,

B. muscorum (moss) hasn’t had any recorded sightings near this area since pre-1990, so it is more likely you are seeing B. pascuorum (common carder) which has had sightings near there from 1990 onwards grin