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Having spent the entire evening going through last years images, to practice my identification skills, I came across a few images of a small bumblebee that had me a bit stumped. Could you tell me what this one is, the pictures are not the best, as I have cropped them quite a bit. I thought at first it was a tree bumblebee, but, it has no white tail, so is it a Common carder bee? As far as I can see they would be the only two choices??

The plant is lungwort, so quite small, taken on 1st June 2012, in Garforth near Leeds.




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Thanks for uploading these Louise.

Your intuition is correct. It is a Common Carder bumblebee.
But this is a great example of how variable the abdomen can be. This individual has an all-black abdomen with a ginger tail.
The abdomen can be ginger all over or with varying amounts of black and ginger hairs.

This species is tricky but once you get your eye in, you can see past the variability.