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Bee Walk Training workshop


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I had an absolutely fabulous day attending the training workshop at Fairburn Ings near Leeds. Many thanks to Elaine and Dawn. As suggested I have put up a collage of pictures I took. I had done it as a suggestion for bee friendly plants, but Elaine also ID’d most of the bees in the collage, so I thought some people may find it interesting?

Here is the list of plants and the bees too.

Identification provided by Elaine from Bumblebee Conservation Trust

1. Monarda… Common Carder
2. Geranium…White tailed
3. Echinops…Tree Bumblebee
4. Polemonium (Northern lights)...Buff tailed
5. Stachys (lambs ears)...Common Carder
6. Pulmonaria (flowers early)...Common Carder
7. Astrantia…Male, possibly Early
8. Agastache (or hyssop)...White tailed
9. Allium sphaerocephalon (summer bulb)...Male/species unknown. Female white tailed.
10. Eryngium (sea Holly)...Buff tailed male
11. Calamintha Nepeta (similar to catmint without the cats)...Buff tailed, possibly male
12. Chives (cut some for the kitchen, but leave to flower)...Early, male
13. Echinops (smaller white form)...Top, white tailed, left Early, male
14. Salvia…unknown
15. Scabiosa caucasica…White tailed
16. Lavender…unknown


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Great photos and very informative….thanks very much!

Best wishes,



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Thanks so much Louise.
This is an absolutely gorgeous collage of bees and bee-friendly plants.

Try and test your ID skills by not looking at the list!