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Submission of monthly beewalk forms


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We’ve just done our first beewalk of the year - unfortunately nothing spotted yet as it is still on the cold side.  But it did make me think about submission of our monthly forms.  I have been saving them up and sending them all together at the end of the year, but I read in a recent newsletter that you prefer them to be submitted monthly.  Do you have any way of submitting them electronically?  It would save on postage, and be a lot more convenient if we could just transfer our counts to an online form or something similar.  Or am I missing something and you’ve already got this set up?

Di Green


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The email option has been running for the last two years. You need to email Elaine O’Mahony, BBCT Surveys Officer, to get the spreadsheets.



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Hello Di

thank you for asking about ways to submit BeeWalk data.

We would really appreciate it if you could return the data at the end of each month so we can keep on top of the data entry more easily.

There is an electronic form, a simple excel spreadsheet, for submitting data.
You should find it on this webpage along with the other BeeWalk documentation
(you cannot find this page on our site without typing out the exact address- as we currently only make it available to registered BeeWalkers)

The tab labelled F2 Monthly recording is the one you need for entering survey data. There are also instructions included.

Please return completed survey forms to beewalkATbumblebeeconservationDOTorg

We don’t yet have an online submission system but we are researching this option and are really keen to get one up and running within the next couple of years.

kind regards, elaine

PS thanks portbee for your input.