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Bumblebees on TV programme


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Hi All,

This evening on BBC4 at 21:00 was a 60 minute programme called Insect Dissection.

It was based on the idea that Insects were dissected to show how their body structure was arranged and works.  There is discussion about what you are seeing.
Two Entomologist (Insect Scientist) Presenters were using a microscope with direct feed to a screen and discussing what they were doing and seeing.  A Stereoscan type Electron microscope was also being used to show fine detail.

They also visited a number of different scientific teams, in a range of places in the USA and England etc to show the team’s work with different aspects of insects.

During the last 10 minutes they were investigating flight and in much of this were using a US species of bumblebee as an example.  You can see how strongly the bee can fly.

I found it a very interesting programme and would recommend it as good viewing for someone interested in bumblebees.

Yours           Clive