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What new plants are you trying this year?


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I’ve just ordered some seeds to add some new interest to my garden…............all Bee favourites

Cosmos, Mexican sunflowers and some Scorpion Weed which is apparently very easy to grow and I’m going to sow it straight into some pots.

Plants I’ve bought locally…..our WI market is great for plants….........monkshood a couple of scabious and some yellow yarrow.

Early days still so I’m sure I’ll squeeze some more in smile


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Well done Paula, they sound fab, let us know how the bees respond.

Cosmos are very long flowering and the short-tongued bees feed on it all year. It will flower until the first frosts, so it’s great, also as it’s an annual you can recover the garden space.  It is my favourite and for a couple of pounds for a packet of seed cost effective. I got over 70 plants last year. Having a small garden i had to give lots away. They do well in containers though if you are short on space and they are very pretty to look at too.


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I grow food and flowers for pleasure as well as growing plants specifically for bumblebees and other beneficial insects. The garden is small, and holds a 2m x 1m (approx) raised bed for vegetables, a part-shade/shade fern bed and a large south west facing flower bed as well as a gazebo, compost bin, cold frame, greenhouse and shed.  We live 3 miles from a City Centre, slap bang in the middle of a vast housing estate and near to an industrial estate.

I am trying to grow more plants specifically for bees, although I already grow the obvious suspects like lavender, echinacea, alliums, veronicas etc etc. Space is restricted so I can’t grow as many as I would like. However I am trying penstemons this year (pina colada pink and electric blue), and a blue salvia. I usually grow tithonia rotundifolia ‘torch’ but am trying ‘fiesta’ this year as it is a shorter, bushier plant and may do well in a large pot. 

I grow most things from seed..I was waylaid in Wilko today and had to rescue some leucanthemum that were languishing on a shelf….*sigh*



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Well the Scorpion Weed ( Green Manure) has some up a treat, so easy to grow and the Bees are loving it. I’ve even scattered some in the alley behind my house…shhhh!!

I’ve got B.hypnorum, pascorum, pratorum and either terrestris or lucorum which is a darn site more than I had a week ago smile


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Paula, I am glad you have discovered this plant which I grow on my allotment and in the garden.  I know it as Phacelia and would include it in my top 10 bee flowers, in fact it would be in my top 5.  I find it selfseeds as, although I originally planted it as green manure, I now leave it uncut and do not dig it in. 

It’s very pretty too.

Sparrow - Sue


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Hi All

Our flower border and garden has been buzzing in the last month or so.
My pick of early flower would have to be Lungwort. Very early flowering and most species love it.
Other planst in the garden which have been a Bumblebee magnet are;

* Rhododendron (not sure what type but red flowers)
* Foxglove (one of the best for B.pascuorum and B.Hortorum)
* Nepeta
* Lupin
* Vipers Bugloss
* Honeysuckle (not sure what variety but early flowering than native honeysuckle)
* Cotoneaster
* Cranesbill (Geraniums- various types)

I have some Monarda and Agastache waiting to flower and have been told these are great bee plants -will have to wait and see !

Thanks for the information on the plants - will give some a go.  Unfortunatley the rabbits in my garden enjoy Cosmos and Verbena !





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New for this year, I planted borage, ajuga reptans and also grew from seed some dwarf antirhhinums.  All a success with the bees I’m pleased to say grin


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Some great plants being grown I see, lovely to know what you all have

Just popped in to report that the garden is full of Bees and it’s wonderful to see

I have B Hortorum on the honseysuckle which has been flowering non stop and now the hibiscus is in flower and right next to the honeysuckle they don’t have far to travel for another favourite.

The Mexican Sunflowers were new this year and are being enjoyed by the B terrestris/lucorum and B pascorum…...................they’re also bringing in the Hoverflys too

Cosmos was new for me and another popular choice

The Marjoram is covered and seems to be a favourite of the B hypnorum and honey bees

But the real winner is the Lavender which is covered early morning and still has many bees until quite late in the evening….........

My garden is really very small and awash with wildlife and it’s been amazing to watch smile