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Bumblebee bush


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A plant I’ve found really useful for late nectar is Colletia armata.  It is a very spiky bush which can be grown in a container (it likes sand in the compost) and seems to be reasonably hardy.  In September it gets covered in pink, bell-shaped flowers.  Bumblebees brave its spikes and happily gather nectar from it.  It’s not a common plant, but I’d recommend it.


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Sounds like this would be worth a try . Any other recommendations for autumn ?


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Hi there,  plants that I’ve found really good for late nectar are dahlia’s - they will survive until the first frosts so that’s sometimes well into October. If you choose the single petal open flowered varieties then the bumblebees seem to really like them. A striking one I grew in my garden this year was ‘smarty pants’  - see picture below complete with bumblebee. Thanks, Jo


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