Great yellow bumblebee

Thurso: Gateway to the Great Yellow is working with communities in Caithness to style Thurso as the UK’s first Great yellow bumblebee town.

The project aims to create a strong sense of community ownership of this enigmatic rare bee and encourage grassroots support for bumblebee conservation.

Features include:

  • Habitat creation through engagement with local land owners.
  • Bee-friendly gardening workshops with local schools and community groups.
  • Best practice fact sheets for seed collection and wild flower propagation.
  • Training volunteers in managing community wild flower areas using traditional scything techniques.
“Bumblebees are one of the most endearing insect visitors to any garden. Their furry, colourful bodies and clumsy flight always raise a smile, but they also do an essential job. Without their pollination services many flowers would produce no seeds, and fruit and vegetable yields would suffer.”

Toby Buckland
TV gardener

Toby Buckland
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