Making a Buzz for the Coast

Making a Buzz for the Coast - this exciting and ambitious project spans 135 miles of Kent’s coastline from Dartford to Deal, and focuses on restoring and creating habitat for Kent’s wild bees, especially the Shrill carder bee (Bombus sylvarum).

One of the primary aims of Making a Buzz for the Coast will be to safeguard rare bee populations by creating and restoring habitat and linking isolated populations together through the creation of flower-rich ‘stepping stones’ and habitat along the coast. Habitat and bee surveys will be an essential part of the project to help us build better data, evaluate our activities and monitor bee populations around the coast.

We know that to really have an impact and make a difference for all our wild bees around the coast we’re going to need as much help as possible. We will be touring the coast with a programme of events, activities, competitions and training to raise awareness about the importance of bees to Kent, build pride in the rare species that live right on peoples’ doorsteps and most importantly of all, inspire people to take some action to help.

Features of the project include:

  • Practical conservation and habitat creation activities, including the creation of 15 bee-friendly road verges. A total of 80 hectares of high quality bee habitat will be created or restored through direct conservation activities.
  • Advice and support to landowners, resulting in the creation/ restoration of an additional 320 hectares of bee-friendly habitat.
  • Recruitment, training and support for 400 volunteers, including 9 trainee placements.
  • Set up of 20 new BeeWalk transects across the project area and training for volunteers in identifying bumblebees, with a particular focus on encouraging people to record individual Shrill carder bee sightings.
  • Work with Kent Wildlife Trust to expand their Garden with the Best Buzz competition, including training new volunteer garden advisors.
  • Community events, workshops and competitions to engage new audiences with bumblebees through gardening, photography, poetry and art.

Making a Buzz for the Coast is due to start in October 2017 so watch this page for further updates later in the year.

“Few people realise just how important bumblebees are. They are charming little things and a pleasure to see, but they also do an essential job which many people take for granted. If bumblebees continue to decline then we face ecological turmoil. Join BBCT today and support their important work.”

Chris Packham
Naturalist, Television presenter

Chris Packham
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