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Bees for Everyone launch

In 2011 the Bumblebee Conservation Trust (BBCT) was delighted to be granted £340,000 from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) towards the delivery of our three-year Bees for Everyone (BfE) project. The project has been hugely successful and has acted as a spring board for BBCT.

At the heart of BfE were three fundamental principles – learning, engagement and action - and these are reflected in the project's achievements:

  • We worked with farmers and land managers to create and restore 3,078 hectares of high quality bumblebee habitat. Our project target was just 1,200 hectares.
  • We engaged with over 40,000 people face to face at over 400 staff-led events, helping to spread the bumblebee message far and wide. This is more than double our target.
  • We recruited over 500 volunteers who supported us at over 500 events and we delivered 14 volunteer training days to support these individuals across the UK.
  • During the project nearly 600,000 people visited our new website. This equates to over 4 million page views!
  • By the end of the project, over 28,000 people had subscribed to stay up to date with bumblebee news via our free monthly e-newsletter.
  • Over 25,000 people had liked our Facebook page and over 21,000 followed us on Twitter, helping us to reach a wider audience with our message.
  • Over 44,500 people had used our Bee kind tool to rate and enhance the bee-friendliness of their gardens.

For a more in depth review of the Bees for Everyone project, click on the links below to read our evaluation report and case studies.

Bees for Everyone evaluation report

Case study 1 - Christ's Hospital School - wildflower meadow creation within school grounds.

Case study 2 - Carymoor Environmental Centre - bumblebee habitat creation on a landfill site.

Case study 3 - Frogmary Green Farm - providing bumblebee habitat on farmland.

Case study 4 - Burns Pet Nutrition - managing a traditional hay meadow.

Case study 5 - Frankland Fields - providing bumblebee habitat on a nature reserve.

Case study 6 - Thames Water - improving bumblebee habitat around reservoirs and water treatment facilities.

“Bumblebees are lovely little creatures - their bright stripes and gentle buzz bring colour and sound to our summer gardens. They are also very important because they pollinate our wildflowers and crops. Sadly things aren't going well and some species are threatened with extinction.
I'm really concerned by these declines and I'm pleased to support the work of the Bumblebee Conservation Trust." 

Kate Humble
TV presenter

Kate Humble
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