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Public awareness is really important to securing the future of our bumblebee populations. We want everyone in the UK to know about bumblebees, their important role as pollinators of food crops and wildflowers, and the potential impact of their continuing declines.

Most importantly we want people to know that by working together we can all help to save the sound of summer. You can help us to deliver this message in your local area in the following ways. Click here to download a role profile for spreading the word.

  • Distribute leaflets in local shops and libraries.

BBCT has a selection of information leaflets that we want to distribute to as many people as possible. We need your help to identify suitable places in your local area to display/ hand these leaflets out. This might be a display at a local nature reserve or library or you could hand leaflets out at a local event. We can post the leaflets to you or direct to the reserve, shop, library, etc. if you provide an address.

  • Give a bumblebee talk to a local interest group.

Are you part of a gardening group or do you know of a local club that arranges a regular programme of talks for the public? If so, why not volunteer to give a talk about bumblebees and the work of the BBCT? We can provide PowerPoint resources and briefing materials and our outreach team would be happy to work with you in the run up to your event if you have any questions or concerns. A narrated version of the talk is also available, which you can simply play to your audience, or listen to for practice.

  • Submit an article about bumblebees to your local newspaper/ magazine.

If you have a talent for writing, why not use this to raise awareness locally. This can be a good way to reach an audience that might not visit a nature reserve or be interested enough/ have the time to attend a local talk. We can provide draft text and images for the article or provide comments on the article if you would prefer to draft it yourself. If you enjoy this, why not contribute to a regular column about bumblebees or bee-friendly gardening.

  • Help us to reach out online.

Are you a regular blogger? We have recently launched our Bees for Everyone forum with threads on a number of bumblebee topics. We hope that this will become a popular space for everyone to chat about the bees in their gardens and we need some bumblebee enthusiasts to support our outreach team by posting comments and answering questions. This is your opportunity to get involved without leaving the couch!

Start chatting online now.

"We are facing a fundamental problem with the decline of bees and other pollinators. They have an absolutely crucial role in pollinating many of our important crops - without them we will face higher food costs and potential shortages."

Professor Douglas Kell
BBSRC Chief Executive

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