Get snappy and help to track Britain's bumblebees

Are you a keen photographer? We need your help to map the distributions of our bumblebees, particularly the rarer species.

All you need to do is take digital photographs of any unusual species that you see and upload them by clicking the logo below and creating a free login. Please note that this login is separate from any login you may have for the BBCT website as the BeeWatch tool is administered for BBCT by the University of Aberdeen.

BeeWatch bumblebee survey


The BeeWatch tool will guide you through some easy questions to help identify the bumblebee in your photo. Once your photo has been verified by one of our experts we will email you back to let you know just how good your bumblebee ID skills are! BeeWatch also gives you the opportunity to help identify other peoples' photos, which is a great way to improve your own ID skills.

If your photo is clear enough for a definite identification it will become a record on the National Biodiversity Network website where it will help scientists and politicians to track bumblebee distributions.

There is no commitment to submit a certain number of photos, so it doesn't matter whether you've only got one photo or you have been madly snapping away at every bumblebee you see. So, upload your photos today and help us to track which species are found in every corner of the country.

Improve your bumblebee ID skills

The Beewatch team have created a new tool to help you hone your bumblebee ID skills. Just follow the BeeWatch link above and login and select the 'Training tool' option on the green toolbar at the top. You'll then be shown some bumblebees and be guided in the identification of them and provided with feedback on how to identify each species you come across.

Tips on bumblebee photography

For tips on taking identifiable photographs of bumblebees, please visit the identification section within About bees on our website.

“Bumblebees are key factors in our wildlife. If they disappear many of our plants will not bear fruit. I am proud to be associated with the Bumblebee Conservation Trust”.

David Attenborough

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