Our outreach team and volunteers are involved in events up and down the country, to help you find out more about our work.

We also recommend a number of other conservation-based exhibitions, activities and shows.


Saturday 28 May 2016
Bumblebee Safari

Castlehill Heritage Centre
Harbour Road
Caithness KW14 8TG

Time: 2pm – 3.30pm

Join our Conservation Officer, Katy Malone for a guided walk, as part of the North Coast 500 Wildlife Festival, to find some of the numerous colourful bumblebees in the county and learn about their fascinating lives. Will we find the rare great yellow bumblebee? Join us in the search! No booking required.


Monday 30 May 2016
Bees & Blooms - A creative workshop at Freswick Castle

Freswick Castle
Near Wick KW1 4XX

Time: 10am – 3.30pm

This is a FREE event, but limited so booking is essential.

This event is part of the North Coast 500 Wildlife Festival. Following a talk by one of our Conservation Officer's about the rich diversity of bumblebees and wildflowers in Caithness, we'll go for a guided walk and develop some creative ideas, drawing inspiration from nature. We'll create some individual artworks which will be united into a group piece at the end of the workshop. Soup and sandwich lunch provided.

For ages 16 and upwards.

For more information, or to book a space, please contact


Saturday 20 February 2016
Bumblebee Identification Workshop

1st Floor Pavilion View
19 New Rd
Brighton BN1 1UF
11am - 3pm

This is a FREE event, but limited so booking is essential.

Have you ever wondered where bumblebees live, why there are fewer than there used to be, and what you can do to help them?  This one day workshop will give you an introduction to the ecology and identification of bumblebees.  The course will be useful for anyone wishing to find out about bumblebees and improve their identification skills.

Find out about:
·         The ecology and life cycle of a bumblebee
·         Understand the challenges facing bumblebee species
·         Recognise important features that will support bumblebees in a range of habitats, including grasslands, woodlands and farmland
·         Identify distinguishing characteristics of different bumblebees and how to spot a queen, worker and male
·         Identify eight common bumblebee species
·         Why we need more data about bee populations, and how to carry out a simple monitoring transect.

Contact Chloe Rose on to book a place.


Saturday 5 March 2016
Staffordshire Invertebrate Science Fair

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