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Goodbye BBCT :(


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Hello all you lovely volunteers and supporters

I am sadly leaving the lovely BBCT team as I am moving with my partner to Derry city in Northern Ireland. The team are busy looking for a replacement who will hopefully start in November. You can find the job advert here http://www.environmentjob.co.uk/job/46560-data-monitoring-officer

Thank you all so much for your endless enthusiasm for bumblebees and for surveying. It has been a total pleasure interacting with you even if it was only via email.

I must apologise to those of you who I haven’t replied to particularly those who have posted in paper F2 forms. Rest assured they have all been safely collated and are ready to be added to the rest of the data. Sorry also for not being on the Forum as much as I would have liked. It is such a great tool for support and learning.

I hope to stay involved as a member and supporter. If any of you would like to maintain contact do look me up on Twitter under birdz_n_beez

Lots of love to you and the bees, elaine


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Thanks for all your help and support Elaine. Hope all goes well for you in the future grin


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Hello Elaine,
Sorry that you are going.  Best wishes for the future and keep us posted about the Derry bumbles!
I wasn’t able to do a bee walk myself, but was able to help another person with the identification of a melanic male Bombus ruderatus [verified] found on their transect.  There are very few recent records of this scarce species in VC55,  so it was well spotted and shows why the Bee Walks are worth doing to increase our local knowledge.


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Thanks for all your hard work and help when needed.
All best wishes for your future life in Derry.



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Only just found your post, Elaine. Glad of the chance to wish you well! Many thanks for your support and training. And Happy Christmas!!