Gill Perkins
Chief Executive

Gill joined BBCT in 2012 as Conservation Manager and moved into the role of CEO in April 2016. She is an experienced leader who brings a broad range of skills acquired through her long career in business development, consultancy and practical conservation.

Kaeren Mellin
Finance and Operations Director

Kaeren has worked in Finance for charities for almost 20 years and came to BBCT from Garden Organic where she held the position of Head of Finance. Garden Organic has a membership of over 25,000 members and Kaeren is looking forward to seeing the Bumblebee Conservation Trust membership numbers grow year on year to eventually match those numbers.

Dawn Ewing
Project Development Manager

Dawn leads in the development of our projects, ensuring they meet our strategic objectives and are working towards our overall aims. 

As a keen volunteer in her spare time, Dawn has a clear understanding of the value that volunteers bring to any organisation. She has a passion for the outdoors and enjoys hillwalking and gardening, especially for bumblebees!

Sam Page
Conservation Manager

Sam’s role is to manage our Conservation Team and work with partners and land managers to safeguard our rare bumblebee populations in the East of England, with particular focus on North Kent and South Essex (the Thames Gateway area). 

Bumblebees are fascinating creatures with a really interesting ecology and lifecycle and Sam loves watching them while they are hard at work foraging for pollen and nectar.

Aoife O'Rourke
Conservation Officer
South West England

Aoife joined the team in January 2014 after three years spent researching plant-pollinator interactions on Irish sand dune systems. For as long as she can remember she has had a passion for the natural world, particularly insects. As Conservation Officer Aoife’s main focus is on land management and encouraging the implementation of bee friendly initiatives.

Sinead Lynch
Conservation Officer

Sinead’s role is to help provide more habitat for bumblebees in Wales, specifically in the areas where the rarest bees are found along the south coast. Sinead loves the outdoors, especially playing and watching rugby. 

Katy Malone
Conservation Officer

Katy's work is based mostly in the highlands and islands of Scotland, where she is working with land managers to protect and create more habitat for some of our rarest bees, inclduing the Great yellow bumblebee.

When she's not working she loves making things, and she knits, crochets, bakes, makes herbal soap, and does interesting things with found and foraged bits and pieces . She also likes to garden and look after her chickens.

Dr. Richard Comont
Science Manager

Richard joined the Trust in November 2013 after six years at the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, mainly spent monitoring and analysing ladybirds.  As our Science Manager, he leads the BeeWalk bumblebee transect monitoring scheme, including analysing the data collected and coordinates the Trust's partnerships with academic researchers.

He is a keen naturalist and can often be found moth-trapping or at bioblitzes.


Dr Nikki Gammans
Short-haired bumblebee Project Manager 

Nikki has worked on the reintroduction of this extinct bumblebee since 2009 and is now pleased to be re-joining the trust in April 2015. Her role includes working with farmers and land owners across the release site of south Kent and East Sussex, collection and release of the short-haired queens and working with 24 volunteers on bumblebee monitoring. In her spare time she enjoys travelling, walking, reading and is an avid Crystal Palace fan.

Darryl Cox
Science and Policy Officer

Darryl has a background in bumblebee research and uses his knowledge to provide answers to the diverse range of enquiries we get at the Trust every day. Darryl is also the author of the Bombus Review, our quarterly newsletter that summarises the latest scientific research on the topics of bumblebees and pollination. He has a passion for nature conservation and volunteers in his spare time with the Scottish Wildlife Trust.

Helen Dickinson
Surveys & Volunteering Officer

Helen joined BBCT to support and develop our volunteers across the UK. With a background in invertebrate and mammal ecology, Helen is passionate about invertebrate conservation and helping volunteers develop the skills to support bumblebee conservation. Helen is a keen wildlife gardener and enjoys spending time outdoors improving her plant and invertebrate ID skills. Helen volunteers for Buglife and Plantlife.

Sandra Hayashibara
Finance Officer

Sandra has a background in finance and prior to joining BBCT in 2014 had her own bookkeeping business. She is fluent in Japanese, having lived in Japan for 14 years, and is looking forward to learning more about bumblebees as part of the BBCT team.

Claire Wales
Support Services Officer

Claire loves nature and especially bumblebees and with a long history in Customer Services she is dedicated to looking after our Members. She enjoys running, cycling and hill walking and loves nothing better than heading into the Scottish mountains where she hopes to get some pictures of the elusive Blaeberry bee!

Jen McLean

Jen joined the Trust as Administrator in June 2014. Based in the Stirling Head Office, Jen’s role is to provide BBCT’s staff and volunteers with an efficient and effective administrative service, and to ensure systems and procedures are in place to assist in the smooth running of the Trust at all times. She enjoys gardening and growing vegetables, as well as jewellery-making and exploring the countryside.

Helen King
Communications Officer

Prior to joining BBCT in Sept 2015 Helen worked for a large organisation with a strong background in marketing, comms and design. She hopes to apply her skills to reinforce the BBCT brand and message. She enjoys walks in the New Forest with her dogs and family and hopes to see and learn more about the different types of bumblebees on her adventures!

“Bumblebees are lovely little creatures - their bright stripes and gentle buzz bring colour and sound to our summer gardens. They are also very important because they pollinate our wildflowers and crops. Sadly things aren't going well and some species are threatened with extinction.
I'm really concerned by these declines and I'm pleased to support the work of the Bumblebee Conservation Trust." 

Kate Humble
TV presenter

Kate Humble
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