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One of the many successes of our Bees for Everyone project (which ran from 2011 - 2015) was the development of lasting partnerships which have evolved into new and exciting projects. Four of these projects continue work within the rare bumblebee zones where the Great yellow bumblebee or the Shrill carder bee (the two rarest bumblebee species in the UK) are still found.

These projects are:

A fifth project, Pollinating the Peak, has also developed and allowed us to expand into the Midlands in search of the Bilberry bumblebee. This is a landmark project for the Trust, as it has allowed us to branch out into the Midlands and recruit three new staff members.

Further to these projects, the Trust is now the lead partner on the Short-haired bumblebee reintroduction project, which has been working to reintroduce this once native, but now extinct, species back to the UK.

Finally, we are partners on a number of projects being led by other NGOs/ academic partners. You can read about these projects here - partner-led projects.

“Bumblebees are lovely little creatures - their bright stripes and gentle buzz bring colour and sound to our summer gardens. They are also very important because they pollinate our wildflowers and crops. Sadly things aren't going well and some species are threatened with extinction.
I'm really concerned by these declines and I'm pleased to support the work of the Bumblebee Conservation Trust." 

Kate Humble
TV presenter

Kate Humble
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