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2013 Conservation Conference - a huge success!

100 delegates from a wide range of sectors, as well as individual landowners, interested and keen to provide habitat for bumblebees attended the Bumblebee Conservation Trust inaugural conference and workshop at the Royal Holloway University London on 7th November 2013.

The conference was designed to give practical, hands on information regarding habitat management for bumblebees and how to apply it at a site level, both in the wider countryside and the urban environment.

There were a range of speakers covering bumblebee ecology, current research into habitat management and practical land management techniques that can be used to support these important pollinators.

The conference was aimed at farmers, landowners, site mangers, conservation advisors, statutory agencies, local authorities, corporate landowners and businesses.

The conference was opened by resident Professor Mark Brown whose work on bumblebee parasites and their conservation and the risks of commercial imported bees on native bumblebee species is renowned.

Initial feedback suggests that the conference achieved its aim of providing the practical advice, the inspiration and motivation, and more importantly the confidence in the delegates to restore or create land for bumblebees and other pollinators.



Conference presentations

You can find downloads for all of the presentations from the conference by clicking here.

“Few people realise just how important bumblebees are. They are charming little things and a pleasure to see, but they also do an essential job which many people take for granted. If bumblebees continue to decline then we face ecological turmoil. Join BBCT today and support their important work.”

Chris Packham
Naturalist, Television presenter

Chris Packham
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