Case studies

The 'Case Studies' area of our website features examples of our conservation and outreach activities.

It demonstrates where we work in partnership with other conservation organisations, as well as land managers and volunteers.

We hope that it gives you a flavour for the important work that we are engaged in to support bumblebee populations.

If you feel inspired to take action personally, you will find lots of information throughout our website on ways that you can help us to help bumblebees. Just visit the 'Get involved' section for information on gardening in a bee-friendly way or volunteering to give a bumblebee talk.

Alternatively, visit the 'Support us' section to become a member of the Trust and do your bit to help save the sound of summer.

“Bumblebees are one of the most endearing insect visitors to any garden. Their furry, colourful bodies and clumsy flight always raise a smile, but they also do an essential job. Without their pollination services many flowers would produce no seeds, and fruit and vegetable yields would suffer.”

Toby Buckland
TV gardener

Toby Buckland
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