Great yellow bumblebee

Once found throughout most of the UK, the Great yellow bumblebee can now only be found on the North coast of Scotland, and some of the Scottish islands.

It still exists there because of the flower-rich environment called machair, which is found only in coastal areas. Machair is fantastically rich in flowers, especially Red clover, which is a favourite food-plant of the Great yellow bumblebee. We are working with land managers in the areas where this species still exists, to encourage them to create more habitat for this beautiful bee. Click here to download our factsheet to read more about this important species.

Maps showing distribution of the Great yellow bumblebee (Maps courtesy of BWARS)

“Bumblebees are key factors in our wildlife. If they disappear many of our plants will not bear fruit. I am proud to be associated with the Bumblebee Conservation Trust”.

David Attenborough

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