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Each year our enquiries email address is inundated with questions about bumblebees, their behaviour, where they nest, how to identify them and many other interesting questions.

The About bees section of our website, answers many of these questions but some of the answers don't fit neatly under the headings listed. That is why we have added this 'Frequently asked questions' heading so that we can explain some of the more weird and wonderful things about bumblebees.

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“Bumblebees are lovely little creatures - their bright stripes and gentle buzz bring colour and sound to our summer gardens. They are also very important because they pollinate our wildflowers and crops. Sadly things aren't going well and some species are threatened with extinction.
I'm really concerned by these declines and I'm pleased to support the work of the Bumblebee Conservation Trust." 

Kate Humble
TV presenter

Kate Humble
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